The Lee County Genealogical Society was founded in 1994 and is dedicated to the purpose of promoting awareness of family history and helping people in their genealogical research. The society is a not-for-profit organization, relying on work by volunteers and individual donations to help pay expenses. The “Family Tree Center” is located at 111 South Hennepin Avenue in Dixon, Illinois. The Center is open to the public.

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Information on merger of the Lee County Genealogical and Historical Societies


To Our Members:

At its July 1, 2014 meeting the Executive Board of Lee County Historical Society made the decision to move the Stella Grobe Research Center from its current location at 113 Madison Ave. to 113 S. Hennepin Ave., next door to Lee County Genealogical Society, located at 111 S. Hennepin Ave. The two storefronts communicate via a passageway that can be enlarged to facilitate travel between the two. The move is scheduled to begin on or about September 1, 2014.

The objectives of this move are twofold: first, one of good business sense, to give each Society better access to the resources of the other – rather than competing against each other, we will be more able to work with each other; and second, to facilitate a potential merger of the two organizations into a single new organization, thus ensuring the survival of both.

An Advisory Committee, made up of members of both organizations, met several times over the first several months of 2014. Their job was to weigh the pros and cons of such a merger and present them to both Boards. A copy of the Advisory Committee’s proposal, dated March 19, 2014, is attached to this correspondence.

The Boards of each organization reviewed the Committee’s proposal and found it to be well-reasoned and acceptable. Each Board then voted unanimously to present the merger proposal to their respective memberships for a vote.

The combined Boards then met several times to give detail to the abovementioned moving plan and merger proposal. They emphasize that the merged organization shall be named Lee County Genealogical and Historical Society. They further emphasize that Lee County Genealogical and Historical Society shall retain sole ownership and control of the names Lee County Genealogical Society, Lee County Historical Society, [the] Rita Welsh Memorial Library, [the] Stella Grobe Research Center, and [the] Old Settlers Memorial Log Cabin. This will be clearly stated in Article I of the Bylaws document that accompanies the merger proposal.

On August 18, 2014 we will hold an informational, question-and-answer meeting, for members of both organizations, so that you may learn more about the proposed merger. Our lawyer, Mr. Doug Lee, will be present that evening to address any questions about the legal steps needed to complete our task. The meeting will be held in the 2nd floor meeting room of KSB Hospital at 7 pm. Please plan to attend if at all possible.

On August 25, 2014 paper ballots stating the merger proposal, featuring a simple yes/no question, will be postal mailed to all members of both organizations and are to be returned by postal mail no later than October 8, 2014 (45 days from the mailing) to the law firm of Ehrmann Gelbach Badger Lee & Considine LLC, Suite 100, 215 East First Street, Dixon IL 61021. They will first be tallied by the law firm, with a second tally to be held by tellers appointed at the October 13th meeting. The results will be announced at that same meeting.

Patrick Gorman, President
Lee County Genealogical Society
Lee County Historical Society




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Databases Are Up

Due to a change in Internet Providers, we lost connection with the database server for about four days. As of 6/9/14, they are back up and running. Thank you for your patience.

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There will be an open house at the Family Tree Center Library at 111 S. Hennepin Avenue from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Friday, May 16th to celebrate the re-naming of the library in honor of Rita Welsh, a charter member of the Lee County Genealogical Society and its librarian for seventeen years. The dedication ceremony with ribbon cutting will be at 12 noon and the new name will be the Rita Welsh Memorial Library. Rita was a dedicated member and is remembered for her generosity and remarkable knowledge of all the references in the library. Sadly, we lost Rita only a few days ago, but this honor will maintain her legacy to all members of the society. May 16th will also mark the 20th anniversary of the first meeting of the Lee County Genealogical Society and is why this special date was chosen. The public is invited to attend and refreshments will be served. Please come and celebrate these two special occasions with us.

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LCGS Fundraiser Cookout, May 23 & 24

On May 23rd & 24th LCGS will be have one of two fundraiser cookouts planned for this year. They will both be held at the Dixon Food Center (Red Fox), 500 Chicago Ave. in Dixon, from 10-1:30, or till all the pork chops, brats, hot dogs, and hamburgers are gone, which is usually before 1:30. SO, please plan to come and have lunch with us on one or both days.

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June 9th LCGS Meeting

The Lee County Genealogical Society

The Lee County Genealogical Society will hold a monthly meeting on Monday, June 9th at 7pm in the second floor meeting room at KSB Hospital in Dixon. This month’s program will be presented by retired social studies instructor at the secondary level Ronald H. Koehn. Ron has earned two degrees from Illinois State University at Normal. Before taking an early retirement, he was employed by the River Bend Unit School District at Fulton High School from 1974-2003.

Ronald will present a PowerPoint program entitled “Lincoln’s Long Journey Home: From Assassination to Interment”. Most Americans are familiar with the major roles that Lincoln played during his lifetime. However, there are several that are less familiar, or totally unknown, to the average American. Ron will review his “journey home” in this presentation.

Refreshments will be served and there is no fee. The conference room is handicapped accessible and there will be staff in the hospital lobby to direct you. For more information, please call Lee County Genealogical Society, 111 S. Hennepin Ave., at (815)288-6702 or email us at leecountygenealogicalsociety@gmail.com

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Monthly Meeting – April 14th at 7:00 PM

The Lee County Genealogical Society will hold its monthly meeting on Monday, April 14th at 7:00 PM in the dining room of The Loveland Community House & Museum in Dixon. This month’s program will be presented by a special friend of the LCGS President, Jed Henry from Madison Wisconsin. Jed is an independent videographer/filmmaker who started a project to honor his grandfather’s memory and those who served with him in the 3rd Armored Division during WWII. The project soon morphed into a complete investigation to an incident on Aug. 13th 1944 that resulted in, an exhumation of a WWII soldier, PFC Lawrence Gordon, DNA testing, and the conclusion that resulted in an identification of a soldier previously thought unidentifiable by the US. This is a riveting story of how a team of individuals can overcome the obstacles put forth by time, faulty investigations, lack of cooperation from the U. S. accounting community

Refreshments will be served and there is no fee. The dining room is handicapped accessible and there will be staff in the lobby to direct you. For more information, please call The Family Tree Center, 111 Hennepin Ave. at 815/288-6702 or email us at Leecountygenealogicalsociety@gmail.com

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George Ham Page and the Anglo Swiss Milk Company

George Ham Page along with his brothers (Charles A. Page, William B. Page and David S. Page) and their sister Julia M. Page, who married a HARRIS, were the children of John H. Page and Julia Fellows, of New Hampshire … Continue reading

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Tales from Beyond the Grave ~ Michael Fellows

September, 2012 During the recent Tales from Beyond the Grave, cemetery walk at Oakwood Cemetery in Dixon IL, I (Dana Fellows) played the part of my gg-uncle, Michael Fellows. The following is a transcript of what Michael Fellows had to … Continue reading

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What does Patti Page and Page Park have in common?

Here is a bit of trivia, probably not known by anyone around the Dixon area. Question: What does Page Park in Dixon IL and the Patti Page have in common besides the name Page in their name? The answer is … Continue reading

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Alto Township Schools

Alto Township Schools Taken from the book Pictorial History of Lee County Schools Dana Fellows ~ 2007   Carey School, District #133Carey School was located on the southwest corner of Steward Road and Hayes Road in Alto Township. Carey became … Continue reading

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